Inventory Stock Cards  (created 08-20-05)

The sample shown below was provided by Rozum Motor Company of Mitchell, South Dakota.  Family owned and operated since 1917, they were instrumental in getting the 1966 Ford Full-Size Registry up and running by providing me with over 100 registry entries.  These Inventory Stock Cards provided so much detail that many of the Special Equipment Groups listed on the cards may have never been accurately tracked without them and the vehicle's equipment listing is very similar to that of a Window Sticker

This link will take you to a complete list of those  inventory stock cards

Noted on this sample is the MSRP and dealer cost of the vehicle.  Most of the copies in the registry have this data but the actual sales price of the vehicles is unknown.

Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price                                                            Dealer's Cost (the last 6 digits ie: $2,477.56)


Should any visitor to the registry know of additional inventory stock cards from other Ford dealers, please contact me.  These are a valuable source of information.