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11-01-05  I have been loading more pictures in the Registry Gallery and Window Sticker sections of the website and have given serious consideration to adding a complete list of the cars in the registry.  It will be a large page(s) and am working on the right format to use.

10-19-05  Please reload the website to see the latest additions to the Registry Gallery.  Although the updated sections are dated 09-02-05, they were just published within the last few days.

08-20-05  The most recent addition to the website are over 100 Inventory Stock Cards provided by Rozum Motor Company of Mitchell, SD.  The vehicle's equipment listing is very similar to that of a window sticker.

08-03-05  Just added to the registry website is a page that shows only the Window Stickers that have been submitted to me.  This should assist some of you who are trying to get your reproduction stickers completed.

07-29-05  Recently added pictures of 1966 Police cars to the Fleet Sales section of the registry.

07-24-05  I have completed loading over 1,200 pictures to the REGISTRY GALLERY and all the links are working.  A long time to do considering I have a dial-up connection.

06-20-05  Just added are Billboard's Top 100 Songs For 1966

OK...For real this time, the site is finally up and running for me to update the pictures for the Registry Gallery.  Because of the two-hundred plus registry additions required to be uploaded, I will list the Registry Numbers (RN) that have been added on the day they have been uploaded to the website.  I know many of you have been patient and some have become a little frustrated for the lengthily delay but I will get your pictures posted.  In all fairness, I will be posting the entries from the lowest numbered RN up.

05-08-05  Pictures posted today  RN 1470, 1472

05-07-05  Pictures posted today  RN 1424, 1449, 1462

05-06-05  Pictures posted today RN 010, 673, 678, 726, 813, 830, 838, 853, 906, 935, 1077, 1108, 1115, 1287, 1300, 1346, 1356, 1383, 1387, 1390, 1398

01-01-04  Back in September of 2003, my computer crashed and until now I have been battling with myself on how to rebuild the 1966 Ford Full-Size Registry website.  I believe I have remedied the problems and will be making updates on the many new entries that you have graciously been patient to see published.  First on my list of additions will be the cars that have been submitted with pictures.  There are also many new pictures of options to add that have been found over the past months.  I am excited to be back into the swing of things and I hope you too will enjoy the additions to the website.  Thank you all so much for allowing me to share your interest in the 1966 Ford full-size lineup.

09-12-03  On September 7, 2003, I attended the Fun Ford Sunday show in Vallejo, CA. and was able to personally view the 1966 Police Cruiser shown in the Fleet Sales section of the registry.  I have added more pictures to this gallery and updated information about this car.  It made a grand entrance to the show with its lights flashing and siren blaring away.

08-29-03  Just listed under the Galaxie 500 XL 2-Door Hardtop  is registry number 1280.  What makes this car worth mentioning is that it has a column mounted gear selector.  There is no floor mount shifter but it does have the console.  The combination of a "special-built" DSO code and no Trans code does create interest in the car's unique feature.  To add your thoughts about the car, use the link above and scroll to Registry Number 1280.

07-26-03  I just sold the first FORD I had ever bought. The 1966 Galaxie 500 4-door Sedan that started my passion for the Galaxie and later the development of the 1966 Ford Full-Size Registry. Even though I hated to part with it, the recent purchase of a 1963 Mercury Monterey Marauder S-55 Fastback. meant that one of my cars had to go. I am happy to say that the Gal was purchased by an appreciative ex-66 LTD owner and that the car will stay within the same county for awhile longer.
I am also glad to say that I sold the car for more than I had in it and a little above the current value-guide for an average car. (which my car was)
This car is registry # 001 in the 1966 Ford Full-Size Registry.

06-22-03  Added to the website, from a submittal from Roger L. Currie, are his observations regarding Canadian assembled full-size cars for the 1966 mode; year.  Check The Canadian Difference

06-08-03  Just entered is the earliest production vehicle in the registry for the Oakville, Ontario Canada plant.    CUN 101557. Code 10J. (Friday September 10, 1965)  It is registry # 1288, a Galaxie 500 XL 2-Door Hardtop  Take a look at the shifter and driver's side view mirror and tell me what you think.

05-26-03  Just entered is the earliest production vehicle in the registry for the Louisville KY. plant.              CUN 100090.  Code 06H. (Friday August 6, 1965)  It is registry # 1284, a Galaxie 500 2-Door Hardtop  My thanks go out to Jim Harrington for "discovering" this gem in the rough.

05-25-03  Recent enhancements to the Literature section have been provided by Roger Currie.  Roger has captured over 20,000 images of print material for all makes and nearly every model imaginable.  Roger's extensive collection has helped him master photo shop imaging and his creative juices were flowing when he corrected the wheelcovers on the Mexican sales brochure. (added to the Dealer Brochures)                        Thank you, Roger for your additions to the 1966 Ford Full-Size Registry.

04-03-04  The first build sheet in the registry is from RN 852.  A factory 427 XL hardtop.  A brief story can be found at

04-01-03  Thanks to Steve Slusarenko and Brent Carson , known as "The FE Guys", the registry has added 3 additional entries and/or photos that would make anyone jealous.  Registry entries under Galaxie 500 2-Door hardtop (RN 1245), Galaxie 500 7-Litre 2-Door Hardtop (RN 862) (RN 1174).  These 4-speed vehicles would be the envy of anyone.  Additional information about their cars may be seen at the link above.

3-21-03  Just added is a "Toys" page with pictures of various cool stuff that we used to play with as kids or are now collecting. 

3-04-03  I have completed posting pictures of my newly acquired 7-Litre Hardtop (RN 1200) in the Registry Gallery.  My intentions are to track its restoration progress within what I hope to be a new feature-section of the website.

1-31-03  Over the past week, I have been updating the wheel cover information in the appearance accessories section of the website.  With so many resources referencing wheelcovers, it has been a bit of a hassle trying to obtain the correct part numbers for the many different wheelcovers available for the 1966 full-size Fords.  I believe the updates now reflect the correct part numbers but the "Emblem" and "Crest" variations are still a bit foggy.  Is it a "Ford Emblem", "Ford Crest", "LTD Emblem" or "LTD Crest"

12-28-02  I was recently asked the following question by a visitor to the website.

Help me understand how registering the "dead" '66 Galaxies serves any worthwhile purpose.  I would think that it's more important to track the "living" survivors.  I could probably dig through my files for 3 more '66's that I once owned, but that doesn't seem to serve any real purpose since they were crushed many years ago like the other 99.9% of the production from that year.  Isn't the registry's purpose really to track the survivors and even their stories of rescue from destruction?   Wayne.


As you may already be aware, if you have a Ford Motor Co. vehicle that is newer than 1966, you can contact Ford or one of its licensed "agents" and receive a detailed breakdown (in most cases) of a specific vehicle based on the VIN.  Information including but not limited to; the decoding of data-plate codes, actual assembly, delivery and sales dates, where the vehicle was sold and options ordered.  Ford cannot provide this same information to the 1966 Ford Full-Size Registry for the 1966 model year.  
If it were possible, obtaining all the Ford Dealer Inventory Records from dealers that originally sold the full-size cars for 1966 would be the base for tracking a specific vehicle's life and at the very least, list the production options for that vehicle.  And provide the largest percentage of vehicles and their specific "package" combinations from which to determine where a car with "X package" ranks in the total production for the 1966 model year.  However, this is not possible in that not all dealerships of that era are still in business nor do those that are, still have the records at hand, let alone willing to take the time to share the records they may still have in their files.  I have received some Dealer Inventory Records and even though the total received is very small, a couple of those cars have been "found" in the hands of a new owner or "dead" in a junkyard.
Therefore, the purpose for registering "dead" vehicles in the 1966 Ford Full-Size Registry, along with those that are still on the road, is to start a data base from which to work towards obtaining Ford's production information for the vehicles covered in the registry, providing a car's history and having the information available to those that request it.  For instance; I have shared my registry entries for 1966 7-Litre vehicles with the International 7-Litre Registry, who did not have some of these cars in their registry, and they are trying to collect the data for a model that has a substantially lower production figure. 
It is unrealistic for me to believe that this registry will ever come close to obtaining the over one million VINs for the cars the registry covers or receive the most accurate data-plate code and option information on each car registered.  I rely on the individuals who register their cars with the 1966 Ford Full-Size Registry to provide me with accurate information. 
As manager of the registry, it is my responsibility to question the validity of each entry and take a pro-active role in researching the provided information and if need be, contact the individual and try to confirm the entry data and/or ask for more specific details about that car's history and options so that the information in the registry is as accurate as possible. 
Because I know that vehicle registries are mainly of interest to the car hobby enthusiast, I continually contact owners of 1966 Ford full-size vehicles and ask them to submit their vehicle in the registry.  I am always looking through the for-sale sections of publications and on-line ads in the hope that the seller is willing to share their car's data with the registry, for once the car is sold, I may never have the chance to obtain the data from the buyer and if by chance I do receive a favorable response from both the seller and buyer, another piece of that car's history is recorded.

Tom Yanulaytis

The Brazilian Connection

11-04-02  Today marks the 6 month anniversary of the 1966 Ford Full-Size Registry.  I have been fortunate to have received 1,179 entries to the registry and hope to be able to add many more in the future.  Thanks to all that have contributed and if you are a new visitor with a car to add, please don't hesitate to Register Your Car and photos.  If you have already registered and wish to add photos of your car and/or detailed interior photos, send them to   

11-02-02   Thanks to the generosity of Bruce Jackson and John R. Smith, I have been able to add 363 vehicles to the registry (all 7-Litres).  Thank you, Bruce and John. 

8-25-02  Over the past few weeks, I have noticed that there are 2 different DSO codes for the Buffalo NY, Pittsburgh PA, Philadelphia PA, Cincinnati OH, Louisville KY and the Washington DC. District Sales Offices for the 1966 model year.  Check the DSO listing for details.

weekly sales-46 thru 50

weekly sales-51 thru 55

weekly sales-56 thru 60

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